Sun Moon Dance Germany August 2020


Dear All,

first of all we wish you a Happy Springtime, no matter what the difficulties at this time are.

The virus gives people difficulties to breathe and Mother Earth has difficulties to breathe too, so together with people around the world we would like to invite you to be part of a practice in 5 steps to breathe together with the trees that give us air and to sing to them.

The description is in the appendix and on this website in different languages: 

or the facebook side

Global Tree Meditation & Loving Awareness Practice

You can adjust it to your needs and do it at any time in any place. We encourage people to do it from April 14th  to May 13th at a regular time of the day. Please join us in singing and breathing together.


The second event we would like to invite you to is the Sun Moon Dance in Germany at the end of August 2020 in Germany. Even though at the moment we don´t know if it is going to be possible, we prepare everything. There have been a few changes:

Lukas and Marina now organize the dance together with Lars, since Frank stepped back because of personal reasons.

We had to change the date slightly, because of the summer holidays in Dresden.

Geraldine Rael looks forward to being our chief, Stella Longland is Moonmother and Martin Burberg is leading the drum crew. We still look for a kitchen angel and would very much like to hear from you if you are interested.

We brought the material from the old site to the new one and decided to dance to a live tree in the 150 year old fruit tree orchard. Therefore it is not necessary to build an arbor. We are going to invite you and anyone with interest to a work day to prepare things when we will have the possibility to do so. Please see the flyer in the appendix and pass it on to interested people. There are also our phone numbers and email addresses if you should have any questions.

With love and appreciation

Lars, Lukas and Marina         

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